Ramona Murdock

After retiring from a wholesale children’s clothing business she created in 1983, Ramona embarked on a new creative journey with Sagebrush Fine Art Licensing..

For six years, she contributed her artistic talents, gaining invaluable experience and insights into the world of art licensing. Now, with Sagebrush’s closure, Ramona is taking the helm to continue offering her art to the many buyers who have come to appreciate her style and vision.

Why Choose Ramona Murdock Art Licensing?

  1. Experience Matters: With a wealth of experience in creating and growing a thriving business, Ramona understands the importance of delivering consistent, high-quality artwork that aligns with your brand’s requirements. Her technical skills with PhotoShop and other digital software enhance her art to bring it to the modern market.
  2. Diverse Art Styles: Ramona offers a diverse range of art styles, ensuring that you’ll find a match for your projects, whether it’s whimsical, contemporary, or traditional.
  3. Reliability: On time delivery is a priority. You can count on a commitment to deadlines and project timelines.
  4. Personalized Service: Ramona Murdock Art Licensing is dedicated to fostering a pleasant and productive working relationship with you.
  5. Easy Communication: Have a question or an inquiry? Reach out through the contact form or via email at rm@ramonamurdockartlicensing.com